Thanksgiving Day is the #1 Fire Insurance Claim Day

Did you know that there are 3 times as many fires on Thanksgiving Day as on a typical day? (Source: Thanksgiving Day is the #1 day for fire insurance claims. Why? Cooking turkeys of course! The most common mistakes include using too much oil, dropping a frozen turkey into hot oil and placing the fryer too close to structures. Plus, with all the family in town, there are way more distractions on Thanksgiving Day than your average Thursday. That’s why it claims the top spot as the #1 fire insurance claim day.

How to Prevent Turkey Fires



Most turkey fryer fires are preventable. Your first step to reducing your risk of a fire or potentially fatal burns is to recognize common mistakes, which include:

  • Too Much Oil: If your frying pot is overfilled, the oil may spill out of the pot when the turkey is lowered in. Oil might hit the burner and cause a fire. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine the right amount of oil to use.
  • Frozen Turkey: Dropping a frozen or partially thawed turkey into oil is almost guaranteed to result in a fire. Make sure your turkey is properly thawed and slowly lower it into the pot to prevent oil from splashing.
  • Close to Flammables: Place your fryer far away from anything flammable. More than one-third of fryer fires start in a garage or patio. Cook outdoors and stay away from flammables.
  • Oil and Water: Ever heard the phrase, “They mix like oil and water”? Oil and water don’t mix. When water or ice come into contact with hot oil, the water vaporizes, causing steam bubbles to pop and spray hot oil. Do not use ice or water to cool down oil or extinguish an oil fire.
  • Distracted Cooking: Frying involves cooking with oil, grease and fire – A recipe for disaster. Many frying units do not have thermostat controls and if left unwatched, the oil will continue to heat until the point of combustion. We know there are a ton of distractions on Thanksgiving like family, football, etc.. However, pay attention and never leave your fryer unattended.

Are You Covered?

Even though you now have 5 great safety tips to prevent a fryer fire, we know that accidents can still happen. Always keep an extinguisher approved for cooking or grease fire nearby. And call 911 immediately if it gets out of control.

We’re here to help make sure you’re covered. Email us to set up a time to chat and we’ll make sure you’re protected.

Please share these tips with anyone you know that is planning on frying a turkey this year.

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