High-Net-Worth Insurance

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At Dexter & Company we offer an important area of coverage not offered by many insurance companies:

Insurance for high-net-worth families and their assets.

Luxury stone home at duskHigh-net-worth families face challenging insurance needs and are often underinsured for major risks and over-insured for minor ones. A high-net-worth insurance policy balances out those discrepancies.


High-net-worth families often have expensive assets and hard-to-replace possessions. They may have domestic staff but lack protection from theft or employee lawsuits.


Due to the recent bout of natural disasters, many wealthy homeowners discovered the hard way that their homes and vacation homes were underinsured. For example, they had homeowner’s insurance but their coverage didn’t cover the cost to repair or rebuild homes due to backed up sewers and drains, appliance and equipment failures, earthquake damage, fire or flooding.

High-net-value insurances cover assets such as:

exotic-car-high net worth• Custom-built, high value homes with deluxe appliances, furniture, and fixtures

• Vacation homes in disaster prone-areas such as in hurricane and flood zones

• Ranches

• Yachts

• Luxury motor homes

• Racehorses

• Private planes

• Exotic cars and car collections

• Wine collections

• Art, jewelry and other collections

• Kidnap and ransom

• Special events

• Personal excess liability coverage



Recent surveys of insurance agents reported findings in several areas where high-net-worth families were underinsured. The table below shows the percentage agents reported for each area.


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